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Colombia el faldon

Hints Of: plum, orange juice, lime candy

Variety: castillo

Region: san agustín, huila

Process: washed

Producer: arnulfo leguizamo




This is one we’re really excited about. This is a lot produced by Arnulfo Leguizamo, who is sort of a rockstar coffee producer in Colombia. He's sort of been a leader and pioneer of specialty coffee production in Colombia and been one of the guiding voices in moving some of Colombia's coffee export focus from commodity coffee to exceptional specialty coffees like his. This farm is El Faldon farm, one of his other projects and his coffees produced here are also exceptional. He manages this farm with his son Diego, training him up to be a supper and to take on operations for their family to be a multigenerational coffee family. In this coffee look for loads of juicy nectarine, orange juice, plum, and lime candy. Incredibly bright and complex and vibrant as hell.