our story

It's unconventional.

It's a bit weird.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

"Dessert Oasis began as a family business in 2009, with the initial focus of bringing people together with  desserts and live music. My sister, Steph, would play music almost every night for hours on end, with myself and my parents working behind the counter washing dishes and serving cheesecakes and coffee. I was 13 years old back then, and began to fall in love with the coffee side of things. I felt like we could apply our attention to detail to our coffee program as well, and do and be so much more as a company.

I sort of became obsessed and began trying to learn as much as I could about coffee, which led me to save up to buy our first roaster. It was a tiny little rotisserie oven converted to a drum roaster (it was my life’s savings at the time), and that’s what I learned to roast on. I was learning and improving, and we were getting a great response, which led us to buying a larger, more professional roaster - the very same one we roast on today. It was at that moment that coffee became a large focus of the company (and when we tacked on "Coffee Roasters" to our name).

Over the years we have honed and polished our craft, improved our standards, won awards for our coffees and roasting operations, brought on some of the top baristas in the country, and delivered that intense focus to the customer level. We’ve begun working on new stores in areas we are excited about, with the goal of creating beautiful spaces to pair with the products we work so hard to create, and fostering unforgettable experiences.

I truly believe a good business reflects a lot on the people behind the scenes. It should grow and evolve as its people do. As the team learns and gets better, so does the company, allowing it to steadily grow to greatness. DOCR is exactly that; a direct reflection of the people behind our company. We've evolved and grown over time, but the core beliefs and values have always remained the same. Our emphasis on creating a great experience through bringing people together over something of quality has always been the driving force behind our company, and will be far into the future. We hope to see you there."

Nathan Hamood, President